White Label Telemedicine Solution

Whether your clinic has 10 offices or one, Nova's telemedicine platform can be white-labeled to match your brand.

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Branded health care clinic patient check in page

Configure your branding

Your brand tells a story that builds trust with your patients. Nova lets you configure your telehealth portal to match your brand guidelines.

Patient queue in branded web interface for doctors
Branded health care clinic patient check in page

Custom check-in page

Project a brand image your patients recognize when they check-in for their virtual visit. Let your patients know they're in the right place.

Get admin privileges

Admin privileges let you manage other user accounts, configure branding, customize workflows, and update billing. Your admin account handles the business side of your clinic.

Add an administrator web-based user interface
Bar chart for data visualization

Visualize your clinic

Review your clinic's average wait times, visit count, patient satisfaction, and other key metrics in a visual format that makes sense. Identify areas to improve your telemedicine business.

Illustration of a man in a jacket next to a list of search results

Branded subdomain

Select a subdomain like your-clinic.novatelehealth.com, where your patients can check into your virtual waiting room.

Illustration of doctors meeting each other via a video call

Meet colleagues

Colleagues at your clinic can lookup each other an meet for video calls to discuss patients.

Illustration of a man in a tuxedo and a web page with custom branding

Organization branding

Add your logo, colors, and images to make Nova feel like a telehealth solution tailor-made for your organization.

Illustration of two women and a hyperlink

Cover for colleagues

Is a doctor no-longer-available? Authorize their colleague to cover for them, so patients have a better experience.

Illustration of a cartoon character with headphones on

Priority support

Get answers to your questions faster when you subscribe to a paid plan. Our team loves solving your problems.

Illustration of a hand shake above a signed document

Admin privileges

Manage the business side of your clinic with admin privileges. Add users, view reports, update billing, and more.

Powerful EHR integrations

  • Two-way patient information sync
  • Send images, files, links to videos, and message history to your EHR
  • Multi-channel appointment reminders
Illustration of a man with a Nova plug and a woman with an EHR plug

Try our frustration-free telemedicine app. Nova is simple, safe, and secure.

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